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Committees and teams

Committees and teams

The Israeli Centers for Research Excellence (I-CORE) - is a new major initiative designed by the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) and the Government of Israel, to reinforce Israel's intellectual capacities and promote synergy among Israel's leading research centers, by the gradual establishment of Centers of Excellence in a variety of topics. Israeli researchers from various institutions are invited to submit proposals for the establishment of I-COREs.
The program is jointly run with the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF), Israel's predominant source of competitive grants funding basic research, which manages the evaluation process of the proposals via international evaluation committees. 

The I-CORE Steering Committee is in charge of designing and approving the program's principles and modus operandi, the selection of research topics, the reviewing of the evaluation committees' reports and declaration of the  groups selected to establish the I-COREs.

The International Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the program advises to the Steering Committee on the various issues, supplying it with an external professional perspective, and assists the ISF with managing the evaluation process.

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